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Gezi Uprising Anniversary

Exactly two years ago, on May 31, 2013, I woke up to the news of brutal police violence in Gezi Park, Istanbul. Some of my friends were occupying the park to protect its trees. Frustrated and angry, I created a Facebook event to organize a protest at Zuccotti Park, hoping that I could get in touch with people to voice our concerns together from New York City. Within a day, almost 3000 people gathered to protest in Zuccotti Part. Occupy Wall Street friends were there to support us.

Since then, New York Gezi Group held many protests, teach-ins, panel discussions, conferences. Most importantly nothing will be the same for younger generations, the shape and nature of Turkish politics have changed forever. I am just proud to be part of this.

Michael Hardt is the new resident of Boğaziçi University’s Boğaziçi Chronicles! Here is an interview that I did with him in Turkish. 

For more information:

Original video interview can be seen at: WHAT NOW? Michael Hardt on Continuity and Leadership

Here are the two articles that I reflect on Erdogan government’s domestic and foreign policies.

Occupy Gezi: Reclaiming the Commons and the Collapse of Erdogan’s Domestic Policies 

Turkey and Syria: On the Bankruptcy of Neo-Ottomanist Foreign Policy

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